VM Guide

Virtual Machine Guide for Running Windows QT Wallets on Other Platforms e.g Mac

This is a stop gap solution and guide for mac or linux users that want to run windows only wallet.

We will set up a windows virtual machine, virtualization on macs should be enabled automatically. The same steps work for Linux but you may need to enable Virtualization in your motherboard bios. If you use a ryzen cpu this is called SVM with intel it may sometimes be called Hyper V

Mac users can also try out wine. Good luck

Download and install Virtualbox, no need to modify any settings

virtualbox download

Download the virtual machine file https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/

extract it to a place you can remember

Microsoft virtual machine options

Now open Virtualbox and import the file you just extracted

virtualbox import
virtualbox select image files
virtualbox import options

Don’t change anything while importing

Now we can check the settings of our Virtual machine

virtualbox virtual machine settings
virtualbox selecting correct vm settings x64

Give the display all the memory you can give it, better stay away from acceleration

virtualbox virtual machine changing settings

Time to actually start it up, all other settings should be fine out of the box

virtualbox starting virtual machine

The password is ” Passw0rd! “

windows login

Don’t be surprised if things go slowly macbooks are notorious for running 2 generations behind in cpu’s

Hopefully you can open the edge browser and goto https://blakecoin.org/merged-mining/ scroll down to find the windows qt link for wallet follow link and download latest release, You may also need to right click and run as administrator when you start it.

Note: Microsoft give this vm a 90 day free licence either you need to get a licence for continued use or keep creating new vm’s
Therefore please backup your wallet.dat or Private keys and keep them safe!